Where is the library?

The Library of the College of Inspection and Personnel Management is located on the third floor of the College and has a unique library material, which is necessary for the smooth work and improvement of students during their studies.

The book covers the following areas: management, marketing, economy, communications, marine engineering, automation, electronics, ports, geography, maritime law, ship safety, computers, computer networks… The special value of the fund is dictionaries, encyclopedic publications, lexicons and proceedings. Of the non-book material, the stock contains films and CDs.

The material is computer-processed in the METELwin software package and an online (online) catalog is available to users.

Inside the library is a reading room where students can prepare for classes or upcoming exams.

The College concluded a contract with the University Library in Split and allowed students to use its services.

Library Services

  • informing on the study / examination literature;
  • database search;
  • borrow;
  • reading room work;
  • use of laptops for study purposes;
  • assistance of librarians (in finding literature, using catalogs, databases).