About Erasmus

The Erasmus Charter is a document that must be owned by all higher education institutions wishing to participate in the activities of the Erasmus Program and is valid for the entire period from 2014 to 2020 .
We are extremely pleased to announce that the College of Inspection and Personnel Management has been awarded the Charter and is actively involved in mobility at the European level. Students will have the opportunity to gain Erasmus mobility through a study program and to practice in reputable companies abroad.
Information on application options will be available on the College’s website or students may access with a proposal from the institution and country they wish to go to under this program.


The College of Inspection and Personnel Management welcomes the teaching and non-teaching staff who would like to cooperate through the bilateral agreement and the Erasmus + program.
Interested teaching / non-teaching staff can be informed about mobility opportunities through the email address: dekan@visokaskolaarca.hr or to seek open competitions on the official website of the College. The tender text contains information on the conditions and manner of application, the required documents, as well as the deadlines for submitting and submitting the required documentation.

Prior to arrival, the mobility user signs the Teaching / Training Agreement and the Grant Agreement for the purpose of teaching / training, whereby the Office for International Cooperation must submit to:

    • exact dates of stay,
    • schedule of lectures,
    • OIB,
    • IBAN (non-resident account),
    • a copy of the travel health insurance policy,
    • a copy of the visa (if necessary)

The incoming person pays for the accommodation from the Erasmus per diems provided by the Erasmus project institution. Erasmus per diems also serve the cost of meals and local transportation.
Upon arrival, the beneficiary must register with the Office for International Cooperation, where they will receive all information about the College, stay arrangements and obligations during and after the mobility. Upon completion of the mobility, the beneficiary must complete the European Commission’s online questionnaire on mobility no later than 30 calendar days after receipt. email. The Office for International Cooperation will issue a Certificate of Residence to the foreign staff under the Mobility Program.

Outgoing staff mobility funding is only possible on the basis of an application for a Call for Proposals published by the College of Inspection and Personnel Management under a signed Erasmus + PC contract. Financial support includes travel + living expenses (flat rate depending on geographical area)
Activities funded TEACHING (Erasmus + PC only): Teaching = teaching (min. 8 hours) Prior to departure, selected candidates sign a Grant Agreement for the purpose of teaching, with the submission of:

    • OIB
    • The current account number and the name of the account where the account was opened and the branch address
    • Copy of ID card
    • Health insurance copy (which must include health insurance abroad)
    • Visa (if required)

Candidates, in consultation with the College, open a travel order to complete the cost calculation. Upon completion of the mobility, a copy of the travel order together with the documentation on the basis of which it is calculated (accommodation bill, travel tickets, bills for visas, visa fees, boarding passes) must be submitted to the Office for International Cooperation. Upon returning from mobility, a staff member must submit a Mobility Residence Certificate.

For more information – feel free to contact:
Đorđe Nadrijanski



Dear students,
We wish you a warm welcome and we are honored to have selected the College of Inspection and Personnel Management for mobility for your study visit.

The application for a foreign student for the purpose of study stay must contain the following documents:

    • Motivational letter
    • Erasmus application form
    • CV in Europass format
    • Certificate of full-time student status
    • Transcript of grades passed
    • Copy of passport / ID
    • A mobility agreement for the purpose of a study visit
    • A letter of acceptance from the mentor (if he / she will write a final thesis during the study visit)

Open competitions, application deadlines, conditions and application forms can be found under the Erasmus + menu – Competitions
Incoming students send the application and the attached attachments (in .zip or .rar format) to the following e-mail address:
Before arrival, international students must arrange for their stay in Croatia, health insurance and arrange accommodation themselves.
Before applying for residency in the Republic of Croatia (police department and station), incoming students must apply for an OIB. Health insurance regulation can be done at an insurance company of your choice.
For additional advice and guidance on organizing a mobility stay, students can contact the Erasmus College Coordinator at:
Upon completion of the mobility, the student will be handed a mobility certificate for the purpose of the study stay and a transcript of the grades. The outgoing student must complete the European Commission’s online questionnaire on mobility no later than 30 calendar days after receiving the email.

STUDENT MOBILITY refers to a study visit to a foreign higher education institution (host institution) after which the student returns to the College of Inspection and Human Resources Management and completes the enrolled study program. The duration of mobility is regulated by the Rules on the mobility of the College of Inspection and Personnel Management (Article 11)
The conditions for applying for mobility, as well as the criteria and the way of selecting a candidate for mobility, are determined by the inter-institutional agreement and calls for tenders.

    • – at the moment of leaving for mobility, has the status of full-time student (defined by the Statute of the College of Inspection and Personnel Management in Split) of undergraduate studies and has at least 60 ECTS credits, or if he has the status of full-time undergraduate student;
    • – is a Croatian citizen or a person with permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia;
    • – fulfills other conditions stipulated by the institutional agreement within which mobility is realized.

At the Office for International Cooperation (VSIKM)
The student must contact the Office for International Cooperation BEFORE going to mobility for registration and administrative support during mobility. During mobility, the student e-mailed the Student Mobility Coordinator. In agreement with the ECTS Coordinator and / or subject teachers draw up the Learning Agreement and collect the necessary signatures and seal on the Agreement.
In Student Service (Referada)

    • regulate their student rights for the duration of the mobility
    • make a copy of the Learning Agreement (original for inspection) and a decision on subsequent commitments at home study
    • Adopt the Index
    • Certificate of enrollment in the next semester
    • completed Enrollment form

– At the Office for International Cooperation
pon returning from mobility, the student must report to the Office for International and bring the signed Learning Agreement and Transcript of Assessments, issued by the host institution, to the ECTS Coordinator. After the mobility has been achieved, the host institution is obliged to issue the student a transcript of grades and / or a certificate of professional practice. The ECTS Coordinator, in consultation with the subject teachers and the Vice-deans, fills in the Exam Recognition Form, which will indicate in the notes of the Exam Recognition Form the obligations that the student must make on his / her home study upon returning from mobility.
The Index and the Supplementary Document record the course names, grades achieved and ECTS credits.
Course names are entered in Croatian and in the original language, where this is not possible in English with the name of the subject being replaced or as a separate elective.
– In Student Service (Referadi)
Student goes to Student Service with:

    • filled in with the Index,
    • a copy of the Learning Agreement,
    • transcript of grades,
    • A completed Exam Recognition Form

still regulates its status.
Based on the completed and verified Exam Recognition Form, the Student Service enters the course title and grade into the Index
If additional obligations are determined for the student – the grade is entered after the student fulfills the obligation (seminar, conversation, work, etc.)
If points are not expressed in the ECTS system – enter the assigned ECTS value (if possible to be converted to ECTS) + conversion criterion.

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