Studying at the Arca College is enrolled on the basis of the class procedure.

The grading procedure for students consists of scoring:

  • the success achieved in each high school class
  • the success of the final graduation thesis
  • interview

Applications for enrollment and the class process

  • birth certificate (original or certified copy)
  • certificate of nationality (original or certified copy)
  • high school diploma (or certificate) (original or certified copy)
  • certificates (or certificates) of all high school grades (originals or certified copies)
  • a copy of the evidence of any special status
  • short CV
  • a completed application form, which can be found  at the bottom of this page and in the  Student Office
  • confirmation of payment and to cover the costs of the class process to the giro account HR7324070001100432311,  Model: HR99.

Documents required for enrolment

  • enrollment form
  • index
  • two color photographs, 6 × 4 cm
  • Confirmation of paid enrollment costs (HRK 490.00 to the School giro account)
  • full tuition receipt or first installment
  • agreement on mutual rights and obligations (to be concluded between the student and
    College of Inspection and Personnel Management in Split – solmization of the contract).

Contacts for the enrollment process


Tuition for the 2021/2022 academic year amounts to HRK 19,000.00 if paid in full. By paying in installments, the tuition fee is increased by 5% and amounts to HRK 19,950.00. Students who pay the tuition fees in installments are required to certify with the Notary Public the Education Contract at their own expense.

How to pay for school expenses

The student can pay the tuition fees of his choice in one of the following ways:

– in full, upon enrollment in the study, or in several installments, and at the enrollment of HRK 4,950.00,
and the rest in six monthly installments of HRK 2,500.00 – Loans from commercial banks

By paying the tuition fee, the student gains the right to:

  • attending lectures, seminars and exercises (practices)
  • consultations (in person and by e-mail)
  • mentoring
  • use of school and university libraries
  • a student ID card that grants all student rights